Pre-Professional Program

The Pre-Professional Program offers classical ballet training of the highest quality. This program is designed to prepare students interested in college dance programs and/or pursing a professional career in ballet. It consists of our most challenging and demanding schedule for ballet technique and pointe and includes additional discipline, performance, and summer requirements. Private coaching and extra classes are available upon request. Admission into the program is by teacher evaluation and audition only.

Pre-Professional Classes offered
Ballet III – ages 11-13 - required 3x/week
Ballet IV – ages 13-15 - required 4x/week
Ballet V – ages 15+ - required 5x/week
Ballet VI – ages 15+ - required 5x/week
(All levels require pointe work, one extra discipline and performance and summer requirement)

Please call the office for more information and pricing.

Classical Variations

This class is designed to expand students' repertoire while improving technique, pointe work and artistry. Dancers will learn challenging variations and ensemble sections from classical ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote and many more. Students are invited to perform select variations at our end of the year Dance Company Performance which takes place at THE BLACK BOX.  It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase their efforts and put performance skills into practice. Classical Variations is offered to Ballet levels V and VI only.

Ballet Conservatory at FSPA
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